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           Shanghai Cangxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research, manufacture and service of electromagnetic NDT, like eddy current testing devices.

            We have the capable team with more than 20 years fruitful experiences in NDT industry, especially in the automatic online eddy current testing field, including both throughtype coil and rotating probe applications.

            Cangxin eddy current testing devices can detect the hole defects, transversal cracks and longitudinal flaws on metal tube, wire and bar with high sensitivity under test speed up to more than 100m/s and rotating speed up to 15000rpm.

             We have around 500 sets eddy current devices running in China, Italy, Greece, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico. Our typical customers are Baosteel (tube, wire, bar), Xingcheng Special Steel (wire, bar), Pangang (rail), Jiangxi Copper (tube, rod, wire), Golden Dragon Copper (tube), Hailiang Copper (tube, bar).