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Product Name:ETC10B of Eddy Current Testing

Product type:Through-type

Product quotation:

Product characteristics:Size: H*W*D: 320*400*460mm

Through-typeETC10B of Eddy Current TestingDetailed information:

*Test Channels: 1+1 (can expand through-type channel or iron inclusion testing channel);

*Test Frequency: 3KHz~100KHz;

*Test Speed: Max. 150m/s;

*Circumferential Sensitivity Deviation ≤2 dB;

*Signal to Noise Ratio ≥10 dB;

*Untested End Area ≤50;

*Marking Accuracy ≤50mm;

*Display Mode: V vector mode, Y component mode, X/Y mode;

*Vector alarm mode: Threshold alarm, Sector alarm;

*Test parameters and results can be stored in large quantity;

*Test report automatic documented in detail;

*Head and tail signal cutting;

*length counting;

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